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Saturday, August 04, 2007


На този сайт започнах проект по един вид кинообучение. За мен и, надявам си, други киноентусиасти също.

Тук изложих накратко защо и как ще протича всичко. Вече са готови първите две части от проекта, а над другите продължавам да работя. Ще обновявам с нови постове колкото се мога по-често.

Този блог ще остане предимно за неща, писани на английски. И посветени на чужди продукции.


HarryTuttle said...

Hi Marina,
How are you doing? Sorry I can't read this post, I hope it means you're coming back to blogging. What have you been doing all this time?

Marina said...

Hi, Harry!

Thank you for stopping by!
Well, I've been applying to universities and dealing with other issues, but it's all done now! And now - time for blogging again, but more purposeful. :)
I'll be back with posts here very soon. And, also, I finally got a copy of "The Goat's Horn" and will send you a more detailed response (after refreshing my memory) these days, too - untill September, I hope.
You've been doing great job on your blog, concerning the death of Bergman and the responses it got. I was away for some time, but tonight I'll check for new discussions (which would probably be a lot!).

So, see you around... :)

HarryTuttle said...

Thank you. I'm glad you're back then. Looking forward to your new writtings.